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  • Five Stars!!!

    By E Legit
    Ok, this eVbook is amazing. First you get a little bit of history about the stitch in each chapter, then a video to stitch along to. Its exactly what I need while I learn to knit because I’m a beginner. This is like having my own personal knitting teacher with me all the time. I can pause the video while I finish the row and I can always go back if I forget the stitch. This is a remarkable tool for any knitter out there. I feel like I can knit anything now!!! :)
  • Knitting help

    By susank4
    The video was very helpful. This is a great resource for any beginning/intermediate knitter. Hope they come out with more!
  • Amazing

    By werewolfpartner
    This book was amazing I wish they could have put more for the price though. The people doing the stitches in the short movies were the most easy to follow that I could find. A talented person should try this out for themselves.