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  • The Great Influenza

    By Profoundly Curious
    A great wealth of background historical information put so much of the events of the epidemic into perspective. Most interesting was that the outcome was so horrible because people in positions of authority both ignored the advice of scientists and medical professionals and lied over and over to the public about the dangers of the disease. The comparisons between the influenza epidemic of 1918 and the Covid pandemic of 2019 show a frightening similarity. If more people would read and learn from this history, civilization just might prevent future outbreaks from causing such devastation.
  • The Great Influenza

    By Fishing Preacher
    Well written, interesting and historically informative.
  • The Great Influenza

    By MD1333
    The description of the activity of the virus attacking human cells and tissue is the best I have ever read, an easy jump from that to understanding the devisation of this virus on the population. The shame associated with the response to this disaster still lingers in the Medical Community of Philadelphia . I went to Medical School in Philadelephis in the 60’s, some of my professors were involved in fighting the disease yet never mentioned the events covered in this excellent work.