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  • Must Read for All Who Want to Learn the Truths about the World

    By Very Happy Apple Customer
    As a trained 6 Sigma Black Belt and graduate of Air War College, this book provides the same approach to data collection, it’s analysis, and findings; but applied to a view of our world culture(s). It provides the facts, presented so the truth can be gleaned and wisdom achieved. Truly a wonderful book. While I would have to differ on 2 or 3 viewpoints that are tied to moral issues, this would be out of a plethora of poignant and beautifully presented insights into our human world. I feel my brain has expanded like a balloon after reading this book. I need some time to assimilate it all.
  • Everyone on earth should read this book (period)

    By Kraad
    My title says it all.
  • A must read for everyone!

    By Kyle U.
    This book should be standard for everyone. Such practical and useful advice!
  • Must read

    By vijaykrishnn
    Hans Rosling was one of the pioneers of data science snd analytics. He demonstrates how reality and our perceptions can be so vastly different. An it is important for all of us to know why decisions need to be made based on data and facts rather than emotion. The world would be a better place if everyone read this book.
  • Highly recommended

    By honemane
    In an age of mass media, our perception of the world may be twisted by the intriguing news and popular articles published in the journals. However, Do you know the world better than chimpanzees do? Before you read this book, don’t be so confident to answer this question. Hans Rosling’s Factfulness raises readers awareness of the global trend and provides useful tools for people to think critically. I had assumed that the book might be full of dull data and complicated theories, but Hans Rosling uses the humorous expression, vivid personal story, and clearly stated data to grab its readers attention and show them the real stories happened around the world. His discussion of the misperception of the global facts teaches the readers how important it is to see the world critically and open-minded. The sophisticated readers from different backgrounds might find this book insightful and think twice when they read the news about global trend. Highly recommended!!👍
  • Absolutely phenomenal

    By sachinIslife
    Highly recommend this to everyone!
  • Amazing read

    By ami_zou
    This book educated me so much about all the misleading ‘facts’ that I heard before. Would totally recommend it to everyone!
  • Fascinating

    By Minerva3588
    Helps put the current political climate into focus and gives great perspective on how to check your own assumptions and biases.
  • Lack of Facts

    By See Great Britain
    It is stated that America can achieve greater lifespans at lesser costs. No facts are presented to support the statement. No corrections are made to the average lifespan for homicides or lifestyle. The author exhibits a socialist bias. I rad no further after this hypocrisy.
  • Take the quiz

    By 史威德
    Even f ur not interested in reading the book, I would recommend taking the short quiz at the beginning of the book to gauge ur understanding the of some important issues the world is facing.