RRT Board Exam - Damon Wiseley

Free Download RRT Board Exam Ebook

By Damon Wiseley

  • Release Date: 2016-03-27
  • Genre: Medical


Free Download RRT Board Exam Ebook. Does the thought of pouring through years of respiratory school notes make you cringe? Do you feel like you forgot more than you learned in RT school? Are the popular respiratory therapy exam study guides giving you information overload? 

If you want to make the high cut on the TMC-RRT exam you need to study smarter not harder. Focus on the content that will give you the greatest benefit for your hard earned dollar. 

If you plan on passing the RRT exam on your first attempt, then starting now and starting smart is non-negotiable. 

This study guide and review includes practice questions developed straight from the updated 2015 NBRC testing matrix. Full rationales for each practice question are given, as well as common exam traps to look out for. The goal of this RRT exam study guide is to help you make the cut. 

As you can probably imagine, failing to make the high cut on the NBRC RRT Board exams can be incredibly disappointing and very expensive. Those who miss the high cut are required to retake the TMC-RRT exam at a cost of $150. Failing the clinical simulations will cost another $200 as there is no discount for retaking the exam. 

Physical exam represents an enormous part of the TMC-RRT Exam as well as the Clinical Simulation Exam (CSE). This study guide gives you everything you need to know to prepare yourself to dominate the physical exam portion of the respiratory therapy board exams. 

Do you remember which way a pneumothorax will shift the trachea? What about pneumonia? Do you remember what egophony, tactile fremitus, S4 heart sounds, and JVD may mean for your patient? This respiratory therapy board exam study guide is packed with useful tips and information to help you answer these questions.