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  • America is bad, and everyone needs to know.

    By Liber Diurnus
    America is bad and everyone needs to know.
  • Great content.

    By younglordpez
    Great content.
  • Texasshocker

    By blairbitchproject
    I prefer my history from those who win the wars. Losers are irrelevant. #remembertheMaine
  • Deception

    By Petey615
    It’s criminal that this garbage is forced upon our youth in schools as gospel instead of using it as a tool to teach how propaganda is disguised as history. Orwellian.
  • American’s American History

    By tjh
    Zinn takes the history you learned in school, and flips it on its head by simply telling the rest of the story. You’ve been taught about how great leaders like Columbus, Jefferson, Washington, or Lincoln shaped American history through their convictions and decisions. Here, Zinn shows how the leadership of everyday Americans shaped both the “great leaders” and American history. He likewise includes the stories of the oppressed and downtrodden, showing how decisions that shaped modern America weren’t always good for everyone. Zinn provides a more complete treatment of the historical forces that created the America of the late 20th century. With an approachable writing style, the book shows that history is more subtle and complex than most texts allow for. Well worth your time.
  • Interesting

    By Wmcodylawrence
    Read passages in class at college, was a new and refreshing take on modern history
  • Great!!!

    By itzgood
    This should be in some level of our education system. The modern day parallels are uncanny.